Patch 3.3.3 is gone be a very impartant patch for all traders on the Auctionhous, some prices ‘ll go up very fast and others ‘ll go down. So read carefuly and earn some extra gold.

First go read the patchnotes:

And we need to read up on the Test Realm patchnotes, those can be found here: . We are only interested in the Professions section, scrol down or read this outprint:

Runed Orbs: Recipes which require this item have had their material requirements significantly reduced.

* The Pet Bombling and Lil’ Smoky non-combat pets are no longer Bind-on-Pickup.

* The “Monsterbelly Appetite” daily fishing quest has changed so it now takes place outside the Violet Hold in Dalaran. The quest still requires a Severed Arm and has been renamed to “Disarmed!”

* Most recipes that required 2 inks now only require 1. Mining * Titansteel Bar: Creating this item no longer results in a cooldown. Tailoring * Glacial Bag: Creating this item now invokes a 7-day cooldown.
* The cooldown and location requirements have been removed from creating Moonshroud, Spellweave and Ebonweave.

Lets examine Tailoring:

  • A 7 day’s cooldown for Glacial Bag?… mmm,  So prices ‘ll probably go up…  Start making those bags before the new patch get released.  This way you make some extra gold.
  • No more cooldwon for making Moonshourd, Spellweave and Ebonweave! If there is no more cooldown, probably lots of people ‘ll start crafting lots of those Cloth items… so prices ‘ll go down.  Start selling your stock or make Glacial Bag’s.


No more cooldown for crafting Titansteel! Sell your bars prior to the patch. Because the price of Titansteel Bars ‘ll go down!

Frozen orbs, buy them ! NOW

Before it’s to late buy Frozen orbs! lots of them. Prices ‘ll go up UP UP UP.
Frozen orbs will now be used to purchase a frost lotus, 6 frozen orbs for a crusader orb, 4 frozen orbs per rune orb, any eternal per frozen orb, and a frosty flying carpet tailoring pattern for 6 frozen orbs.

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