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Module Showtime Slideshow for CMSMS

Showtime Module 3

More options for comments caption: position top, left, right, bottom even can be put outside of the slideshow.
Comments have full html support, you can place links, text formats and more... all in WYSIWYG editor.
Showtime 3.0 supports: Caption CSS templates and some presets. You can now do literally everythingg with the caption frame.

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Even images can be placed in the caption.

New in Showtime 3:

  • - Showtime 3.4 is now responsive
  • - Nivo-slider implementation (really cool slideshow!)
  • - New upload system jQuery-upload.
  • - New image tools like: Cropping, turning (left-right), watermarking

How do I get this cool module?

  1. 1) Showtime 3module only supports CMS made Simple .
  2. 2) Download Showtime 3 here and install it in you CMS modules dir.
  3. 3) Showtime is now ready for use, have fun!

Comments and Feedback

If you have an urgent problem and/or would like to contact me directly to hire for custom work, please contact me. For troubleshooting, make sure you have first checked the documentation and FAQ sections on this page.

104 Responses to “Showtime Module 2.0.2”

  1. It feel like ChristmasAuthor Name: Bill a.k.a. ElkmanCreated: 14 Mar 2012

    I got the first download of version 3.0. Christmas came early!

    Thanks for such a great module!


  2. Showtime SVNAuthor Name: jamaaCreated: 14 Mar 2012

    great module!
    any chance of the new version 3.0 being committed into the svn-repository at cmsmadesimple.org?

  3. Reply: Showtime SVNAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 14 Mar 2012

    SVN version has now been updated.

  4. Using itAuthor Name: ManuelCreated: 14 Mar 2012

    Hi Peter,

    As promised on the GeekMoot, I'm using the module for the first time now! (shame on me)
    Thx for the hard work you have put in to this!
    Donation button found and used ;)


  5. GraciasAuthor Name: GiovaniCreated: 14 Mar 2012

    Thanks so you very much, its great job.

    Beauty work


  6. excellent!Author Name: colinCreated: 14 Mar 2012

    it's refreshing to have such a full featured module developed so actively with responsive support. hopefully we will remember to support it each time we use it for a commercial project and keep projects like this healthy. it's a staple of any cmsms site. thanks again.

  7. Working GreatAuthor Name: Mr. BacanCreated: 14 Mar 2012

    It's working great. No problems so far.
    Thanks for this great module Peter.

  8. working with cmsms 1.8.2?Author Name: MartinCreated: 15 Mar 2012

    Hi community.

    who knows if st 3.0 works with cms made simple version 1.8.2?



  9. Syntax ErrorAuthor Name: ShawnCreated: 22 Mar 2012


    Is anyone receiving this error message when attempting to upload files using the new jquery uploader?

    "SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character"


  10. Re: Syntax ErrorAuthor Name: ManuelCreated: 22 Mar 2012

    Not me, i even find myself going to the showtime module to upload any images not intended for use with the showtime module (instead of going to the image or file manager) :)
    Are you sure you are not trying to upload images with funky characters in the filename?


  11. Feature requestAuthor Name: FranckCreated: 26 Mar 2012

    Hi Peter,

    your module rocks! Great job! I have a FR though: would it be possible to insert js call at the bottom of the page for performance reason? Cos if I put the jquery script at that place, the showtime script won't work. What do I have to do if I want to do it before an update of the module? Thanx! :-)

  12. Reply: Feature requestAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 26 Mar 2012

    You can turn off the jQuery default loading setting in preferences tab.
    Then you can place the jQuery script manually in your template

  13. Author Name: FranckCreated: 26 Mar 2012

    Oh, I actually did, I was speaking about the {cms_jquery} I put just before the tag, and was wondering if there was a way to put the showtime (or nivo slider that I use) at the bottom too?

  14. Author Name: FranckCreated: 26 Mar 2012

    just before the tag > just before the /body tag

  15. Nice module + Relpy: Syntax errorAuthor Name: RobCreated: 27 Mar 2012

    Great module Peter - thankyou.

    In reply to Shawn's syntax error - I too had this error when using the Jquery uploader, but changing the folder permissions (where I was uploading images to) fixed it.

  16. Nice module + Relpy: Syntax errorAuthor Name: ShawnCreated: 27 Mar 2012

    Thanks Rob for the feedback. I tried changing the folder permissions but sadly the error still occurs. Peter did mention that I should turn off error reporting but I wasn't sure where or how to do this. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  17. loading problemAuthor Name: HarmOCreated: 29 Mar 2012

    Nice module, many possibilities. I've used it many times. thank you for this great extension!

    But with the last version (1.1) i seem to have a problem with loading in google chroome.
    The first time loading the webpage, it has a problem with running the script before it the page is loaded.

    (i use the JQuery 1.5 lib due to other jQuery scripts on the site)

  18. Reply: loading problemAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 29 Mar 2012

    Can you link me the website plaese,

  19. Can we embed cmsms Tags?Author Name: SanjeevCreated: 7 Apr 2012

    Thanks for this amazing module ! I was wondering if tags can be embedded in the comments area.... idea is to use it as dynamic content or news rotator....thinking aloud....

    A great stuff !

  20. Reply: Can we embed cmsms Tags?Author Name: PeterCreated: 7 Apr 2012

    Thanks for nice comment Sanjeev.
    At the moment I am very busy, but it's one of my top todolist, so keep tuned.

  21. SVN repository not up to dateAuthor Name: jamaaCreated: 19 Apr 2012

    I've given up on the svn repository at cmsms.org. The repositpry is at version 3.0 while the current release is 3.2. I have some minor modifications of the module that I like to maintain throughout updates, and without svn, it's a very painful process to update the module... :(

  22. Reply : SVN repository not up to dateAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 19 Apr 2012

    SVN is updated now.

  23. Reply : SVN repository not up to dateAuthor Name: jamaaCreated: 19 Apr 2012

    thanks! It wouldn't hurt to add a commit message next time ;-)

  24. Reply : SVN repository not up to dateAuthor Name: jamaaCreated: 19 Apr 2012

    oops, I think something went wrong, the current svn revision 15 is significantly different than the current file release. A lot of files seem to be missing in the svn repository.

  25. Reply : SVN repository not up to dateAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 19 Apr 2012

    It's all good, some files were indeed deleted. For example: the upload system got replaced by jQuery upload. And of course to keep the download small I deleted those files.

  26. showtime 3.1 & 3.2 sliders are now centeredAuthor Name: watermanCreated: 29 Apr 2012

    hi peter,

    the new 3.x slider looks excellent, but after upgrading one of the site I use showtime I noticed that the 3.1 and 3.2 showtime sliders now are centered in the page. In the previous 2.x versions the slider appeared default at the right-hand side of the page.

    any suggestion?

  27. Replay: Showtime 3.1 & 3.2 sliders are now centeredAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 29 Apr 2012

    You can just put the slider in a div and set it to : Float left.
    Like this :
    <div style="float: left;">{Showtime show='21'}</div>

  28. Multiple instances not workingAuthor Name: EnixCreated: 3 May 2012

    I am trying to add a top slider using the Nivo Slider option, and it works.
    But if I am trying to add another slider on the same page (using Nivo Slider or JQuery option) it doesn't work.
    If the second one is using the JQuery option i get the error: "$('ul#slides_2').cycle is not a function".

    Works if the second one is Flash.

    So main idea: if you use Nivo Slider will crash the rest javascript sliders (using the same module SHow time, just different shows.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

  29. Reply: Multiple instances not workingAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 3 May 2012

    it's designed to work with multiple jQuery sliders from the same type.
    So if you combine 2 or more nivosliders together, it 'll work.
    But if you gone combine a nivoslider and a jQuery Cycle... then it 'll conflict.
    This module has it limits :-)

  30. Thank youAuthor Name: EnixCreated: 3 May 2012

    Peter, Thank you for your fast response, Great job! You have the best slider for CMSMS!

    Ps: two nivo sliders will not work together also, because they apply the same id-s for the pictures holders.
    But you can add as many sliders using the jquery cycle or flash on the same page.

    Thank you again!

  31. Reply: Multiple instances not workingAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 3 May 2012

    Hi Enix,

    Ps: two nivo sliders will not work together also, because they apply the same id-s for the pictures holders.

    Yes it works, just install the latest version, Showtime 3.2.
    I did fix this problem already. Thanks

  32. Comment widthAuthor Name: Jorge GarciaCreated: 15 May 2012

    In earlier version, we can set the width for the Comments in the file Showtime.module.php
    (ex: width:-moz-min-content; ). In the last version, where we can find this parameters?


  33. Reply: Comment widthAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 16 May 2012

    you can changes CSS settings in "class.showtime_CSS_NIVO.php" under the "lib" dir.

  34. Responsive size?Author Name: TonyCreated: 11 Jun 2012

    First off; thanks for a fantastic mod - it has made my life a lot easier ;-)

    I just wondered if there was a way to use a percentage width for responsive layouts? For example; if I was to add an image to a page I would add a class to my stylesheet like

    width: 100%;
    height: auto;

    and then add it to any image I wanted to be responsive.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Incidentally, I use the JQuery setting.


  35. nivio issuesAuthor Name: PeteCreated: 11 Jun 2012

    I am trying to edit several properties of the nivio slider. I am using latest versions of cmsms and showtime. When I make changes to the css file in the lib directory it does not seem to be reliable clearing cache doesn't help. Do I have to make changes before creating slides?

  36. Replay: nivio issuesAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 12 Jun 2012

    After you have changed settings in class : "class.showtime_CSS_NIVO.php", you need to rebuild the CSS file.
    You can simply do this, by going into Slideschow options and click save or Apply.
    Now the CSS file has rebuild itself and all changed in the class are applied to the CSS file.

  37. Re nivio issuesAuthor Name: margCreated: 15 Jun 2012

    I can get header tags to display in nivio slider any ideas? Thanks

  38. amazingAuthor Name: ElkeCreated: 19 Jun 2012

    A great tool, absolutely easy to handle. Just what I was looking for! Thank you

  39. Simply good!Author Name: GuidoCreated: 22 Jun 2012

    Today I tried showtime the first time on our new company site.
    Its a very great module for cmsms and andministration has all options I need and is very

    Thanks for great work ;)

  40. Plz HelpAuthor Name: philivmCreated: 24 Jun 2012

    Great module for CMS Made Simple, love it :D

    But I can't find out how to set the width and the hight manually to any percentage!
    Can anybody tell me which file I have to change?

    Plz Help

  41. you need help:Author Name: peterCreated: 3 Jul 2012

    More info you can find here: Module help

  42. Better than a good alternativeAuthor Name: David KretschmerCreated: 19 Jul 2012


    needed an alternative for the banner module, which did not work after an update.

    After a short search I stumbled over the "showtime" modul and found it to be more than an alternative. I like the possibilities it provides and the simple way it is used.

    Thanks a lot ;-)

  43. FANTASTIC!!!!Author Name: LandyCreated: 31 Aug 2012

    Thank you very much for that fantastic module! It works like hell!!!

  44. Awesome Module!Author Name: LenCreated: 12 Sep 2012

    This is a GREAT module and I'm using it for a few clients.

    Quick question...is there any way to tweak the jquery? I don't see it anywhere in the module settings and for a particular implementation I need to remove the fadeout.

    Thanks so much!

  45. Reply: Awesome Module!Author Name: PeterCreated: 13 Sep 2012

    Hi Len,
    You can change the settiging in "Slideshow options"
    There is pulldown : "Transiton type" change this to "NONE"

  46. How to integrate with news moduleAuthor Name: ZachCreated: 16 Sep 2012

    hi sir. this is an amazing module. i can choose between swf, jquery, and nivo slider. i use it already as my image gallery.

    but, how to integrate it with news? i have a plan to use it as a recent news slider at my home page. because i read here :

    that this module can be use as a news slider :
    "Looking for a fancy Slideshow or News slider? Showtime 2.0 is a fully automated slideshow, you can choose two different animation types or jQuery. Choose if you want high quality transitions. Ken Burns (pan&zoom;) and Full Screen mode."

    i send you email already sir, hope you can help me with this proble. i use the latest cmsms. and to be honest, im a newbie in web design.

    thanks before sir, for any comment or reply.

  47. call slideshow with shownameAuthor Name: UweCreated: 28 Sep 2012

    is it possible to call the slide with the showname?
    (instead the shownumber)
    i will call different shows referenced by the alias of the pages.

  48. great module!Author Name: FlemmingCreated: 16 Oct 2012

    Fantastic module. Need to play a bit more with it but is makes a website more attractive

  49. Super ModuleAuthor Name: JurijCreated: 16 Dec 2012

    Super Modul ....Danke

  50. Alt and titleAuthor Name: FilizCreated: 30 Dec 2012

    Very nice module, good job, thank you!

    But is it possible to put "alt" and "title" on the images in the show?
    If yes, how?

    thank you! :)

  51. AutoLightBox incompatibility with jQuery/NivoAuthor Name: BjörnCreated: 3 Jan 2013


    love Showtime! Thanks for doing such a wonderful work!

    But I just updated CMSMS from 1.10 to 1.11.4 and now the jQuery and Nivo Slider won't work when I use the AutoLightBox from the Toolbox extension, especially when I let it automatically set the Java-Script. I try to find a replacement for ALB as a temporary solution, but I would prefer using it.
    With CMSMS 1.10 it worked without a problem.

    Any tips? :D

    Best regards.

  52. Thanks, but doesn't work for meAuthor Name: ClemenceCreated: 3 Jan 2013

    Hi, thanks for this great module.

    But I have trouble making it work. I created two slideshows, added some pictures, and tired different parameters, but it just never works on my site. If I use the SWFobject animation, it stays black on my page. If I use the jQuery animation, only the first image is displayed, and nothing moves. If I use the Nivo Slider animation, the loader appears but the images never come.

    Have I done something wrong?


  53. CMSMS 1.11.14 imcompatible ?Author Name: John PescodCreated: 7 Jan 2013

    I have the same negative experience as (Clemence 3 Jan. 2013) - the Showtime module will not work in my CMSMS 1.11.14

  54. Latest version still gives problemAuthor Name: John PescodCreated: 25 Jan 2013

    I see you have make a new version (3.3) available. However I still have the same problems as stated on Jan 7th.

  55. CMSMS 1.11.14: Showtime doesn't workAuthor Name: Shin AngeloCreated: 25 Jan 2013

    I think this is a great module and I used it in different websites based on previous CMSMS version.

    Now, on 1.11.14, I have troubles.

    Swf, jquery, nivo: no one is working correctly.

    I'm interested in jquery, where just the last picture is shown. The rotation goes always on the same picture and if I change the text display option to left/right/bottom side, it is cutted.

    thank you for take note about my experience.

  56. swfobject does not workAuthor Name: PetaCreated: 9 Feb 2013

    Hi, the mode "swfobject" will give me a black window "xml could not be loaded". Tried with FF, Dragon, Safari and IE. Only IE shows the images - as a list, not as a slide show. The file "getxml.php" is there and the permissions are set on 755.
    Kind regards Peta

  57. [SOLVED] swfobject does not workAuthor Name: PetaCreated: 10 Feb 2013

    Deleted .htaccess in modules dir. Showtime is now running very well!

    And: *facepalm* IE requests the newest version of Adobe flash plugin.

  58. IssueAuthor Name: RaymondCreated: 27 Feb 2013

    Great module,I use it a lot.

    However, I have the problem that is described here:

    http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/faq.html (Why do all my images (slides) display briefly when the page loads?)

    The fix they mentioned there should be easy to implement, but I can't get it done.

    I know I have to edit the file "function.default_jQuery.php" and then near the line where it says: $onerow->picture ='
    I would think that I could put a simple if/then statement there that gives "display:block" to the first image and "display:none" to the other images, but whatever I try, It always gives "display: block" for all the images.

    Any idea's?

  59. Change show_1.cssAuthor Name: Christian Created: 28 Feb 2013


    First of all, thanks for at wonderfull plugin, i needed an easy way for non-html-users, to add slides to the nivo slider.

    My problem is, that i want some more changes in the css, than whats possible in the module css changer. fx changeing size of bullets, collors and more.

    So i have made a custom show_1.css, but every time i add a new slide, og edit some slides through the module, it changes the css :( fx my custom css:

    .nivo-controlNav a {
    background: url(http://localhost/modules/Showtime/templates/nivoslider/nav.png) no-repeat !important;
    height: 49px;
    width: 20%;
    -webkit-transition: .4s ease-in-out opacity;
    -moz-transition: .4s ease-in-out opacity;
    -o-transition: .4s ease-in-out opacity;
    transition: .4s ease-in-out opacity;
    opacity: 0.8;


    .nivo-directionNav a {
    background: url(http://localhost/modules/Showtime/templates/nivoslider/default_arrows.png) no-repeat !important;


  60. Reply: Change show_1.cssAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 28 Feb 2013

    You'll have to hard code this in the lib/class.showtime_CSS_NIVO.php
    Or you can overwrite your css rules in a custom.css file.

  61. Author Name: RaymondCreated: 28 Feb 2013

    When you change something it overwrites your css file.

    You have to change the css in a different place, read this:

    After you have changed settings in class : "class.showtime_CSS_NIVO.php", you need to rebuild the CSS file.
    You can simply do this, by going into Slideschow options and click save or Apply.
    Now the CSS file has rebuild itself and all changed in the class are applied to the CSS file.

  62. Error message Author Name: AndyCreated: 12 Mar 2013

    Nice work... but, I get error "Notice: Undefined index: status in /var/www/html/mydomain.com/plugins/function.toggle_start.php on line 23" before each toggle

  63. Nivo no Alt descriptionAuthor Name: John FlanaganCreated: 13 Mar 2013

    Great module. I prefer the transitions available in Nivo Slider but it doesn't produce the alt descriptions needed for optimisation. Using jQuery does as it uses the slide comment.

    I tracked it down to the showtime_nivo.tpl file.
    At line 47

    So I added this and it works.

    I'm not a programmer - so is this ok?

  64. NivoAuthor Name: John FlanaganCreated: 14 Mar 2013

    I also prefer using the Nivo Slider option as jQuery does a slight blink on a PC in IE8, IE9, when the text background comes in.
    (PS It's not just Showtime Slideshow that does this.)

  65. conflict with gallery moduleAuthor Name: ToineCreated: 17 Mar 2013

    hi Peter,

    module works perfect, but, on my gallery page it conflicts with the gallery module.
    when i remove the slideshow, it works fine, but as soon as i put the {Showtime show='1'} tag back in the template, my gallery is not working properly anymore.
    it displays its pictures in a new window when i click on it not in a box.

  66. Responsive SlidesAuthor Name: Qaiser IkramCreated: 21 Mar 2013

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your nice work.
    Can you please update it to use responsive design.
    Current slideshow works fine on laptops, desktops etc
    but it really causes layout problems on smart phones, because it keeps its actual width and height.

    If you can upgrade it to use responsive technology, it will be a really awesome and SHOWTIME 2013 V4

  67. Help Please!!Author Name: KarlaCreated: 26 Mar 2013

    Please can you help. I have used Showtime to great effect on some client sites in the past, but I have had lots of probs lately with styles getting 'stuck' in the showtime css. This included pics displaying at same size in, e.g., show2 as show1. In the end I had to download and edit the css, but even then it retained some odd properties. (BTW, I am using query for each show, as the clients don't wish me to use Flash, which works fine!)

    I have now upgraded Showtime to 3.2, and deleted all previous files etc from my server, for my current client site, but probs are still occurring. Notably in the navigation bar, which is not showing up - I just get a group of plain text page numbers, above the pics and (unless I turn off the Show Controls option, I get ugly Prev / Next text, again above the pics.) I also get lots of stray bullets on the screen:-)

    It seems there is big corruption somewhere, yet I have installed 3.2 as a clean version, which I thought would help.

    You can see what is happening here http://badgers.brecon.co.uk/index.php?page=what-will-children-do

    It is very frustrating - especially as I need clients to be able to add / edit their own shows - and they can't do this, if it behaves so unpredictably!

    Any help would be most welcome - I am at my wits end, yet have previously enjoyed using this software.

    Thank you very much

  68. Responsive, resizible photo gallery and News SliderAuthor Name: FarCreated: 9 Apr 2013

    Hi Peter,

    I wondered if it would be possible to use Showtime Module in a website based on Responsive design? In other words, it would be possible to obtain the resizible photo gallery?

    I would also be interested to know how we could use the Showtime Module to create the News Sliders?

    Many thanks

  69. Great ModuleAuthor Name: BecksCreated: 16 Apr 2013

    Really great Module. I tested jquery and nivo slider options. Both are great.
    For Nivo slider I would like to adjust some parts:
    Is there a possibility to remove the shadow around the slides and the round edges?
    It would be great if the position of the control elements could be adjusted, because currently they appear over the comment/title box.
    Also it would be helpful if the navigation list is disabled, that the white space below is also deleted.

  70. great nivo sliderAuthor Name: BecksCreated: 18 Apr 2013

    Hi Peter,
    I really love your module, it is so easy to use.
    I have one question: is it possible to remove the shadow around the slides and change the "round edges" from the slides in nivo slider. I changed the class.showtime_CSS_NIVO.php file and removed the ...-shadow commands, but my changes were not applied (afterwards I also "applied" the changes to the slideshow by "save" as described earlier in the posts).
    Thanks for your help.

  71. ToggleAuthor Name: PavelCreated: 22 May 2013

    Please, change to help instruction to You site - tag not {toggle_close}, correct tag {toggle_end}, cmsmadesimple 1.11.6 working

  72. diacriticsAuthor Name: KudlasCreated: 30 May 2013

    Hello, I really like your slider plugin, but it would be nice if it support diacritics (signs like ?š??žýáíé) switching to UTF-8 encoding might help.

  73. Missing fileAuthor Name: WillieCreated: 3 Jun 2013

    Hi Peter.

    Great module. I am missing the "stylesheet.php" file. Is that something i should create myself or is the file missing from the archive?


  74. URL not working on FirefoxAuthor Name: Joao SilvaCreated: 6 Jun 2013

    I just realized now that my embedded URL links were not working due to a Firefox issue. They do work on other browsers... but not on the latest firefox version.. did anyone else had this issue?

  75. Feature Requests & warning on PHP 5.4Author Name: FranckCreated: 24 Jul 2013

    Hi Peter,

    Your module is still highly appreciated! :-)

    First I have the following warning on the admin : "Strict Standards: Non-static method showtime_CSS_jQuery::_Create() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /home/users5/i/ibis/www/modules/Showtime/action.addslides.php on line 79"

    It appeared when I switched to PHP 5.4

    Second, I have a feature request, or maybe more an enhancement : while using the jquery template, I edit the css for one or two shows (uploaded in the right module directory). But when the user change one slide, the css is set back to default. I could find it normal when one changes the settings of the show, but not when the final user changes the slides. Is it clear to you? Could it be easily modified so that I don't have to upload each time my modified css?

    Third and last (optional): for accessibility and good quality, it's recommended to add a pause button on the slider.

    Thanx again!

  76. Only Nivo Slider worksAuthor Name: JasnickCreated: 16 Aug 2013

    I have used this successfully many times, thanks again Peter.
    On new site, using same css code etc as on previous sites, if I set it to or jQuery, the Showtime hangs outside the div that is supposed to contain it. If I use Nivo Slider, it sits where it is supposed to.
    Could this be conflicting with other js on the site? I am using jQuery on other pages, though not on this particular page.
    Not a problem for me as Nivo Slider is working, just wondered what the caue may be,

  77. Very Nice ShowtimeAuthor Name: DeeCreated: 23 Sep 2013

    Thank you for good work

  78. JQUERY Problem solvedAuthor Name: Shin AngeloCreated: 23 Sep 2013

    Hi people,

    some months ago I asked for help because this great plugin didn't work on the latest version of CMSMS: jquery was blocked on the first picture and nivo made an infinity loading. Flash worked, but I hate Flash.

    Today I installed for a new project, once again, the latest CMSMS and SLIDESHOW: same identical problems arrived.

    I SOLVED IN THIS WAY: I taken from an old project (previous CMSMS and Slideshow versions), all the jquery (js) folder and I replaced it in the new project. All works now.

    I hope it can help somebody.


  79. JQUERY Problem NOT solvedAuthor Name: Shin AngeloCreated: 23 Sep 2013

    Ok, My solution solved Slideshow but brought another problem: changing jquery-1.7.2.min.js with 1.6.2 or a newer version crashed the admin of CMSMS. In other words, the left menu of the admin didn't work (didn't open) and we cannot administrate the website.

    So I hope my idea gave somebody better than me an input to find the right way: sure jquery-1.7.2.min.js is the problem.

    I wait...

  80. Responsive / scaleableAuthor Name: Keith BakerCreated: 12 Jan 2014

    This is a great module, but are there any plans to make it 'responsive' or even 'scaleable' rather than 'fixed size'?

    It would turn a 'gr8 module' into a 'Totes Amazeballs module' ;-)

    I wait with baited breath.....

  81. macAuthor Name: omkarCreated: 17 Jan 2014

    Thanks to provide slider services

  82. Responsive Images / slidesAuthor Name: ThomasCreated: 18 Jan 2014


    I use the module many times and it works gread. Good work.
    But now I have to build a responsive site. All the pages are resonsive but the gallarie isn't.
    I tried some modification in the css, but without success.

    Is it posssible to make the module responsive?
    And how?

  83. Reply: Responsive Images / slidesAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 19 Jan 2014

    Hi Thomas,
    this module is not made for Responsive Design.
    Therefore i suggest you use responsiveslides.com

  84. Showtime responsiveAuthor Name: ResponsiveCreated: 29 Jan 2014

    Hey guys,

    but it is kind of easy way to make this module responsive, just the NivoSlider version should be updated.

    There are many responsive plugins, but when you give the website for the client, they can't change images so easy, but with your module it is very easy to do that.

  85. Showtime responsive and News SliderAuthor Name: FarCreated: 30 Jan 2014

    Hi Peter,

    Is there any possibility that the "Responsive" and "News Slider" options will be added in the next version?

    Thank you

  86. Reply: Showtime responsive and News SliderAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 30 Jan 2014

    It 'll be in the next version.
    but can't promise when this 'll be.

  87. Stop LoopAuthor Name: MacmaddenCreated: 4 Feb 2014

    Is there any way of having a particular showtime animation not loop? Im running V3.3

  88. Sticks on first picture: solvedAuthor Name: PaulCreated: 21 Feb 2014

    I had the same problem as Shin Angelo. When I upgraded to the latest CMSMS, my jquery slideshows were all stuck on the first picture. I solved it by accident, so am posting here in case this helps anybody else. I switched a slideshow to nivo, experiencing the same loading problem as Shin Angelo. But then I switched back to jquery, changed the default show settings to my own and now they’re all working again :-)

  89. Responsive... nice!!Author Name: Tom MaymanCreated: 14 Mar 2014

    Hi Peter,

    Can I just say thanks for the responsive update... fantastic work!!

  90. Thank you!Author Name: FarCreated: 15 Mar 2014

    Hi Peter,

    I also wanted to thank you for nice responsive option!

    I would like to know how I suold add a "crousel gallery with thumbnail" template like this example: http://down.admin5.com/demo/code_pop/16/243/

    Thank you!

  91. Reply: Thank you!Author Name: PeterCreated: 16 Mar 2014

    Hi Far,
    you can follow this link and tutorial how to add thumbnail navigation.
    Nivo Slider jQuery Plugin

  92. was: blank siteAuthor Name: PiaCreated: 25 Mar 2014

    Hi Peter,

    please ignore/delete my last posting; my config.php was wrong.
    Thank you for your awesome work!

    Best regards

  93. errorAuthor Name: JessicaCreated: 13 May 2014

    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home2/kitty/public_html/DenverBridge/modules/Showtime/function.default_swf.php on line 108

    Im having this error, Im not sure how to fix it..
    Please help!

  94. IncompatibilityAuthor Name: DeanCreated: 13 Aug 2014

    Hi Peter!

    Awesome module update with the responsive Nivo slider! Although I have a bit of an incompatibility issue on CMSMS 1.10.3. Whenever I save a slideshow, it says "Unknown column 'st_sizing' in 'field list'". Any ideas on this?

    Have a great day!

  95. Showtime problems on latest CMSMSAuthor Name: Shin AngeloCreated: 14 Aug 2014

    I quote:

    "Author Name: PaulCreated: 21 Feb 2014
    I had the same problem as Shin Angelo. When I upgraded to the latest CMSMS, my jquery slideshows were all stuck on the first picture. I solved it by accident, so am posting here in case this helps anybody else. I switched a slideshow to nivo, experiencing the same loading problem as Shin Angelo. But then I switched back to jquery, changed the default show settings to my own and now they’re all working again :-)"

    Paul, some months ago I solved in this way. I discovered there was a conflict if I used the OneEleven admin's theme. Something in this theme created a problem with the module (I think in query settings-source, not sure). Now, after 3 different projects, I can confirm Showtime works great if I use the admin theme NCleanGrey. You can try this way to solve suddenly the problem.

    Now I have another question: Nivo responsive is great, thank you.
    But If my slides have different heights, we have an awful effect where the Showtime, on every slide, changes size (height). Is there a way to maintain the same size, like we can do using jquery? With jquery we can set every picture fit proportionally the area determinated by pixels size. Thank you.

  96. BugAuthor Name: Leigh SpiegelCreated: 22 Aug 2014

    I'm also getting this error since upgrading on the slide show settings page. Any ideas on what causes it?

    Error _updateshow: Unknown column 'st_sizing' in 'field list'


  97. line 108 errorAuthor Name: PeteCreated: 22 Aug 2014

    This goes out to Jessica who reports experiencing the same problems I'm having. I'm guessing it's too late to help her, but in case anyone else stumbles across the page through a search then I've found a solution to the:

    "Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home2/kitty/public_html/DenverBridge/modules/Showtime/function.default_swf.php on line 108"

    ...error to be adding in line 107:

    $onerow = new StdClass;

    And that seems to have sorted it. Hope this helps someone.

  98. Multiple sliders on one page?Author Name: DavidCreated: 25 Aug 2014

    I am trying to use multiple sliders on one page (as a front end to a portfolio/gallery) but am having problems with it not rendering correctly. Is it possible to use more than one slider on a page?

  99. Allow FrontendUser upload images and comment Author Name: ThomasCreated: 3 Sep 2014

    I love the showtime Module. Now I have a requirement that FEUser should have the grants to Upload Images and comment Images . Is this possible. Does anyone implement that function before?



  100. Grants für FEU to add photos and commentsAuthor Name: ThomasCreated: 4 Sep 2014

    I love showtime module and I used it many times.

    Is it possible to give a FEU grants to add fotos to the gallery?
    Another questions: can a FEU also comment photos in the gallery?


  101. Error _updateshow: Unknown column 'st_sizing' in 'field list'Author Name: RegisCreated: 16 Sep 2014

    Error _updateshow: Unknown column 'st_sizing' in 'field list'.
    This error is because a field (st_sizing) is missing in the table "cms_module_showtime_name", in my case this happens in upgrade module. To resolve i created the field in the Database, like this: Name: st_sizing, Type: VARCHAR, Size: 20, Collation: utf8_general_ci Default: Null. I hope this help others....

  102. st_sizingAuthor Name: SpeegsCreated: 16 Oct 2014

    Thank you Regis. Your solution worked for me. The error is gone and I can once again save the settings.

  103. Captions not working?Author Name: KyleCreated: 27 Oct 2014

    I'm using this on a site right now and, as far as I can tell, am not doing anything wrong with the captions, but they aren't showing. I see that the commentsparts_st_1 class has display: none; on it, so when I override that, the comment/caption shows what I entered into the WYSIWIG.


    But then, as soon as I add a new slide, the comment/caption for that slide shows, and they just all show all the time on all slides. What's the deal? Why are the comments set to display: none by default and how do I properly turn them on and use them with this slider?

  104. Two different show settings forms and watermark issue?Author Name: Michel BolseyCreated: 7 Dec 2014

    Your module is great. Very flexible, well thought out and lots of great features. I installed it about an hour ago and it's up and running.

    I ran into two usability issues, and wondered if they are being considered for improvement:

    1. When you first set up a show you get a settings form that includes background color. When you re-edit the settings you get a different form in which things are laid out differently and background color is no longer available. Why is this? Why not simply have the same form for all edit actions? In my case, a problem, since background color was precisely what I was trying to change!

    2. I set some watermarks, then decided to change the watermark image. I then ended up with TWO watermarks applied to the image. Also, the apply watermark button seems to be only one way; you can't unapply a watermark to return to the original image. If this can't be changed, perhaps a dialog box warning of this fact would be in order.

    Thanks for a great module!

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