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Module Showtime Help

What Does This Do?

Display images as animated slideshow.
Choose among high quality transitions. Ken Burns (pan&zoom;) and many other effects. Full Screen mode.
(ShowTime requires Adobe Flash player 10 or higher.)
Visit Demo website : ShowTime demo page

How does it work?

  • 1) Add a show Add show
        Remember for eatch show can hold slides and diferent showoptions, effects and more.

  • 2) Add pictures 
    For each picture there 'll be one slide generated whitch can hold several options like : comment, link, title.

  • 3) Insert Showtime in your pages.

    If you'r using TinyMCE, you'll see this new icon () in your WYSIWYG interface. Just click on your desired Slideshow.

Change the look of your Slideshow

If you click on tab "Module Preferences", you can adjust Basic settings and Slideshow options and Text display options for each slideshow.

Basic settings

  • width= Width in pixels
  • height= Height in pixels
  • window mode= window|opaque|transparent|direct|gpu Defines the way the slide show is rendered in your browser.. (Attention, opaque and transparent are not cross-browser compatible)
    using WMode Opaque will cause the flash to appear on the correct Z-index, so that it does not hide menus or other objects, whereas WMode Transparent is always on the top layer. For me the best experience is leave it on "Window"
  • picture scaling= noscale|showall|exactfit|noborder Change the scale mode of images.
        NoScale: display images 1:1
        ShowAll: scale images proportionally to fit the slide show area
        ExactFit: stretch images to exactly fit the slide show area
        NoBorder: scale images proportionally to fill the slide show area

Slideshow Options

  • transition= blur|fade|flash|zoomin|zoomout|slidedown|slideup|slideleft|slideright| wipeh|wipev|kenburns|flip|fliph|flipv Transition type.
  • shuffle= on|off Display images in random order.
  • autoplay= on|off Should the slide show start playing automatically?
  • show controls= on|off Display the cursor to control the slideshow.
  • transition type= blur|fade|flash|zoomin|zoomout|slidedown|slideup|slideleft|slideright| wipeh|wipev|kenburns|flip|fliph|flipv Transition type.
  • Transition Easing = prefix.suffix This setting changes the "acceleration curve" of a transition
        prefixes: Linear, Elastic, Bounce, Circular, Cubic, Quadratic, Quintic, Quartic, Sine, Exponential, Back
        suffixes: easeNone, easeIn, easeOut, easeInOut
  • rotationtime= Time in seconds to pause between each slide in playback mode
  • transitiontime= Time in seconds for transitions (0 = no transition)
  • Slide background color= #000000 Change the background color. Use wmode=transparent to override bgcolor.

Text display options

  • show title=on|off Display title of an image.
  • show comment=on|off Display caption (description) of an image.
  • Show background for text = on|off Display the background color for text window
  • Text backgroundcolor= #000000 Change bacground color for text window
  • Text color= #ffffff Change text color.
  • Font-family type= Set Fonttype for text
  • Title size= 16 change title size in px.
  • Comment size= 12 change comment size in px.


  • FAQs, extended module help and Troubleshooting can be found in the www.web2do.be.
  • For the latest version of this module or to file a Feature Request or Bug Report, please visit the Module Forge Showtime module.
  • Additional discussion of this module may also be found in the CMS Made Simple Forums. You are warmly invited to open a new thread if you didn't find an answer to your question.
  • Lastly, you may have some success emailing the author directly.

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2009, Peter Orije email. All Rights Are Reserved.

This module has been released under the GNU Public License. You must agree to this license before using the module.


  • (optional) lang="en_US" - Parameter is used to specify what language to use for display on the frontend. Not all modules support or need this.