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Module Showtime Slideshow for CMSMS

Showtime Module 2.0.5

Looking for a fancy Slideshow or News slider?
Showtime 2.0 is now fully automated, you can choose two different animation types <swfobject> or jQuery.

Choose <swfobject> if you want high quality transitions. Ken Burns (pan&zoom) and Full Screen mode.

Choose jQuery if you don't like flash and want more navigation controls. (Based on jQuery Cycle Plugin).

It has lots of features, such as multiple image upload, automatic thumbnailing, supports drag&drop, user friendly interface for all your showsettings, automatic TinyMCE WYSIWYG integration and much more...

Showtime demo's

Demo 1 : (Transition Type: Panandzoom, Transition Easing: Linear EaseNone and comments + title on)

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136 Responses to “Showtime Module 2.0.2”

  1. Wanne see if this Gravatar actualy works.Author Name: PeterCreated: 3 Oct 2010

    Showtime module rocks :-)
    Very simpel and easy to use.
    Keep up the good work, thanks

  2. Lets see :)Author Name: PeciuraCreated: 4 Oct 2010

    Have to try Showtime.

  3. Re: New module: Showtime (Animated slideshow)Author Name: ridelikeaturtleCreated: 8 Oct 2010

    But credit where it's due, this is a great module! It's exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks Pedrosken! Great work.

  4. Author Name: jmcgin51Created: 8 Oct 2010

    Haven't tried it yet, but I just checked out the demo, and if it works as good as it looks, this will be a great addition to the CMSMS module family!! Nicely done!

  5. XML could not be loadedAuthor Name: alexfarrowCreated: 14 Oct 2010

    Hi Pedrosken
    I've been struggling over the last few days to get your Showtime module working on CMSMS. Everything seems to work fine from the admin side but it seems the swf is never generated and I just get a black box with "XML could not be loaded" in the left hand corner. See here:http://www.farrowbranding.co.uk/index.php/home2.html

    I've been scouring the forums and some people with similar issues have solved it by altering the permissions on the module and the showtime directory. I've tried almost every permutation but to no avail. I wonder if you have any knowledge of what may be causing this? Any help would be much appreciated.


  6. Reply : XML could not be loadedAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 14 Oct 2010

    Indeed XML could not be loaded, I get this error:

    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@farrowbranding.co.uk and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    1) make sure the file "getxml.php" is actualy there.

    2) make sure this file can be executed by setting the proper permissions to 755

    this 'll fix the problem.
    Good luck

  7. Thanks :o)Author Name: Alex farrowCreated: 14 Oct 2010

    Many thanks Pedrosken here was a problem with the .htaccess file on the server. Plugin working perfectly now. It's a joy to use too!

  8. Best slider !!!!Author Name: NickCreated: 14 Oct 2010

    It is the best slider !!!!

    Maybe in the feature you make "Showtime module" for VBulletin CMS.

    Best Regards,

  9. Verry nice! Just what we needAuthor Name: Aad M.Created: 20 Oct 2010

    It looks great, just the thing we need to create an extra fancy thing on our website!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

    Adriaan Mijnders

  10. Reply : Verry nice! Just what we needAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 20 Oct 2010

    On what website or part are you using Showtime? Would be interesting to see this, if possible.

  11. Author Name: newtCreated: 27 Oct 2010

    very nice and useful modul ;)

    it would be much better if it be connect with cmsms News modul (you can add link on image to your news article)

  12. linkAuthor Name: IvanCreated: 4 Nov 2010

    great module., but there is something wrong I think.
    on the top of the page there are 3 images. the last one shows "Picture link" and some sign at each image.
    I tried to insert link buthave no idea how to do that.

    anyone succeded with that?

    please post your comment here.

  13. Reply: linkAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 4 Nov 2010

    inserting a link is very easy,
    1) Add slides Click on " Add slides" or " Add slides for this show"
    this 'll show your slide overview.

    2) Click on "edit picture" or on the name "change picture name"
    witch brings you to the slide detail page.
    there you 'll see the pull down menu :" Link this picture to internal page".
    All your internal page links are listed in this pull down.

    At the moment I am working on a new version... much more user friendly and new futures.
    More news later...

  14. code?Author Name: AmberCreated: 9 Nov 2010

    I was having trouble with the code for this module? If I just click the showtime picker and select the slideshow to add it won't work, it just says either "{Showtime show='2' }" if i put the {literal} tags around it or if I take out the literal tags it gives me "No show found! show="" does not exist."

    Also the only code generated by clicking the showtime picker is "{Showtime show='2' }" but looking at the source code on this page it seems like you use java - is this supposed to be automatically generated?


  15. Reply codeAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 9 Nov 2010

    Hi Amber,
    you prob did something wrong while entering the code "{Showtime show='2' }"
    Go to your source code by pressing on the "HTML" icon, delete all code and insert "{Showtime show='2' }".
    Sometimes you pass unwanted code when working directly in WYSIWYG.

    Or you read "How does it work" article 4)

  16. Very nice module indeedAuthor Name: WilCreated: 16 Nov 2010

    Was struggling with the image rotator in CMSMS which did not do what I wanted. The showtime module is very promising. I am only in test phase now. Following the instructions I immediately had a good result.

  17. Great moduleAuthor Name: AndyCreated: 16 Nov 2010

    Thank you for writing this module, it helps the look of my webpage a lot. One question. For visitors who don't have Flash enabled or installed it looks like they get an "alternative content" image which seems to be the last image in the slideshow list. Is there a way to define the alternative content image and for it to be an image not included in the slide show?


  18. Reply: Great module: AndyAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 17 Nov 2010

    Is there a way to define the alternative content image and for it to be an image not included in the slide show?
    It's already present in the module.
    SWFobject 'll show this div :
    <div id='gallery-1' class='gallery'>
         <dl class='gallery-item'><dt class='gallery-icon'>
         <br style='clear: both;' />

  19. ThanksAuthor Name: caiusiCreated: 21 Nov 2010

    It's perfect.

  20. Very nice but...Author Name: NickCreated: 7 Dec 2010

    I use old version because 2.0 version don't have Panandzoom effect.

    Please add Panandzoom in 2.0 version

  21. SuperbAuthor Name: AndyCreated: 7 Dec 2010

    Great module and especially great admin screens!

  22. Reply "Very nice but..."Author Name: peterCreated: 7 Dec 2010

    I use old version because 2.0 version don't have Panandzoom effect.
    Please add Panandzoom in 2.0 version

    If you use jQuery based animationtype, you 'll not be able to panandzoom.
    For PanandZoom you need to switch to SWFobject.

    Goodluck on your Showtime Slideshow.

  23. Great!!Author Name: Mr. BacanCreated: 29 Dec 2010

    I haven't installed it yet, but the demo engaged me. I personally love the Gallery Module, but this is definitely a GREAT addition to the CMSMS Module Family.

    Thanks a lot for this. Keep the excellent work.

  24. Lovely!Author Name: AlaneCreated: 2 Jan 2011

    Very cool, your hard work really shows here. Thanks for contributing your module, I'm looking forward to trying it out!

  25. Thanks for this!Author Name: EXitesCreated: 5 Jan 2011

    Very nice module. I'm pleased to have found it.

    Have recommended it in my blog and would welcome a visit on my site (blog.EXites.de).

    Greetings, EX

  26. reply: Thanks for this!Author Name: PeterCreated: 5 Jan 2011

    Very nice module. I'm pleased to have found it.
    Have recommended it in my blog and would welcome a visit on my site (blog.EXites.de).
    Greetings, EX
    did place a place a trackback on this page.
    Succes with your blog, looks great!

  27. about the tat.gz archiveAuthor Name: phil didCreated: 10 Jan 2011

    firstable i like to say after just having instaled this module
    admin and final effect look just great

    one simple thing, when i first download the tar.gz from cmsms the module wasn't in a repertory root
    then when i download the xml file directly from my site with the modulemanagerevery things was ok on ftp module//showtime
    except that the version was 2.01

    Best regards

    Phil Did

  28. Navigation buttons not rounded in MSIE and ChromeAuthor Name: ArunasCreated: 13 Jan 2011

    There are settings for nice round navigation buttons in jQuery version of Showtime, however it turned out that buttons appear square if browsing with MS Internet Explorer or Opera (although they look nice with Firefox). Any workarround with this?

    One more thing - it would be cool if one could use his own icon images for navigation buttons (say transparent PNG or GIF, one for active button, one for passive, and the rest is done with jQuery - positioning, text for slide number, etc.).

    Otherwise it seems Slideshow module for CMS Made Simple is really pretty cool and very easy to install and run - I came up with the fully ready show on a live web page in about 5 minutes from the moment I decided to install this module until live broadcast on a web page!!!

  29. Reply: Navigation buttons not rounded in MSIE and ChromeAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 14 Jan 2011

    Making buttons round in MSI 'll be fixed in next version.
    Special features like you'r asking can be done.
    But I don't wanne make this module too complicated, I can always make a dedicated version for your client and asking a small fee.

  30. Great moduleAuthor Name: AribCreated: 18 Jan 2011

    Its was a great module, but i really hope that jQuery and flash having the same setting option. Ive trying to make the flash transparent behind the menu and looking at the source code, fortunately i've found that by deleting background value it will appeared as transparent wmode. Btwy, i loves the beauty of Showtime module and i enjoy it....

    Best regards,
    from Malaysia

  31. Excellent moduleAuthor Name: LuyaCreated: 21 Jan 2011

    I am in process to redesign my own site and was looking for a good slideshow module.
    Showtime suited my requirement for its simplicity and good coding for CMS Made Simple.
    As a designer looking to adhere to W3C recommendation, it will be nice both CSS and JQuery be declared as external file so the html part will look clean.

  32. Thumbnails for navigationAuthor Name: BradCreated: 21 Jan 2011

    I love the showtime slideshow module. It is great. But I'd like to use thumbnails for navigation similar to this slideshow:


    Does anyone know if this is possible?

  33. great slideshow!Author Name: JoseCreated: 2 Feb 2011

    Great module!

    I'm using it to create sites using CMS made simple. The only problem I found is that on IE 8 when I use the shadow menu on CMS made simple the expandable menu shows behind the slideshow. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    thanks a lot


  34. Reply: great slideshowAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 2 Feb 2011

    Hi Jose,
    Follow this link please.

    'menu-behind-showtime' issue

  35. simply greatAuthor Name: JoseCreated: 2 Feb 2011

    Thanks for this great adition

  36. I think is IE8Author Name: JoseCreated: 5 Feb 2011

    Hi Peter;

    I was doing exactly what you told me. But nothing seems to fix this for Internet Explorer 8. Anyone else out there with the same problem?



  37. Does not validate XHTMLAuthor Name: ManoloCreated: 22 Feb 2011

    document type does not allow element "style" here

    The element named above was found in a context where it is not allowed. This could mean that you have incorrectly nested elements -- such as a "style" element in the "body" section instead of inside "head" -- ).

  38. Reply: Does not validate XHTMLAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 27 Feb 2011

    css style 'll be fixed in version 2.0.3

  39. Not sure what I'm doing wrongAuthor Name: TyroneCreated: 8 Mar 2011


    Thank you for the module, brilliant.

    I first installed version 2.0.2 and all worked great. For some reason all i get now is a blank area where the show should be. I am using "swfobject". The images are being pulled in from a sub-folder of the gallery folder.

    It seems to work fine on the jquery option, but do not know what I could have done for it to stop working like that. The "sample one works in the admin panel.

    Any help will be great, thanks.


  40. Not working for me in IE7 or IE8Author Name: LynCreated: 9 Mar 2011

    Love Showtime. Using it on a new site, however, it just won't work in IE. I have a jQuery on one page and a SWFObject on another. The images are lined up one under the other and text on the page drops below the Showtime module images.

    Am not familar with scripts so don't know if there is a workaround for this. It looks just great in Firefox. Thanks for the opporltunity to use it.

  41. Author Name: LynCreated: 10 Mar 2011

    Peter was kind enough to check it out for me and lo and behold the problem is on one of my own computers. So I will have to sort why on IE8 it won't work on one particular computer.

    Its a great programme and luckily it works just fine on my clients computers which is the main thing.

    Thanks Peter.

  42. Reply: IE7 or IE8Author Name: PeterCreated: 11 Mar 2011

    your Welcome.
    Honestly, I dont love IE browser... I love Firefox

  43. Author Name: LynCreated: 11 Mar 2011

    So do I! I posted the issue on a tech forum and it was said that it is a CSS problem not a flash problem. They were'nt more specific! That certainly sounds like IE - used to have to hack it a lot!

    If anyone has time to check it out, the site is www.mandurahhomes.com.au - main page SWFObject - lovely in Firefox, ugly in IE8


  44. Author Name: LynCreated: 11 Mar 2011

    Should have said this only appears to be an issue on one of my own computers. Apparently everyone else is OK.

  45. Any way to combine this with a galleryAuthor Name: LynCreated: 22 Mar 2011

    Hi Peter

    I was wondering if there was any way to combine Showtime with a gallery so that all the thumbnails are on the page as well as working as a slideshow?

    Kind regards


  46. Reply:Any way to combine this with a galleryAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 22 Mar 2011

    it's not possible to combine Gallery and Showtime, also it's better to keep those two separate.

  47. Reply:Any way to combine this with a galleryAuthor Name: LynCreated: 22 Mar 2011

    OK - thanks, Peter

  48. Bug with jQueryAuthor Name: RetepCreated: 23 Mar 2011

    Hello Peter, first of all thanks a lot for this module ! Beautiful, flexible and easy to use.
    I have a problem with it, actually ^^

    On cmsms 1.9.4 the swfObject version displays fine in my template, but jQuery version (which I need) breaks my site, with this message in the source code :

    Warning: getimagesize(http://localhost/mySite/uploads/images/photo01.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: Une tentative de connexion a échoué car le parti connecté n'a pas répondu convenablement au-delà d'une certaine durée ou une connexion établie a échoué car l'hôte de connexion n'a pas répondu.

    in D:\wamp\www\mySite\modules\Showtime\action.default.php on line 78

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in D:\wamp\www\mySite\modules\Showtime\action.default.php on line 78

    Do you know this bug, and the fix ?
    Config : Windows Vista, wampserver 2.0, php 5.2.14, apache 2.2.14, mysql 5.0.51b

  49. PS : Bug with jQueryAuthor Name: RetepCreated: 23 Mar 2011

    PS : same problem with cmsms v.

  50. Reply Bug with jQueryAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 24 Mar 2011

    you can fix this easy by puttiing a new file : php.ini in your root (Public_html).
    And put this into the file :

    allow_url_fopen = On

    This problem, 'll be fixed in next version.

  51. allow_url_fopen = OnAuthor Name: RetepCreated: 24 Mar 2011

    I'm sorry but my configuration is already "allow_url_fopen = On"
    So, this is not the source of my problem :(


  52. allow_url_fopen = OnAuthor Name: RetepCreated: 24 Mar 2011

    Sorry I read too fast ;)
    Glad that it will be fixed in next version :)

    I created a php.ini file with allow_url_fopen = On
    Put it in wamp/www : not working
    Put it in wamp/www/mySite : not working

    There is no public_html folder in wampserver (not in my version)

  53. wrap around a slideshowAuthor Name: Wayne StarickCreated: 11 Apr 2011

    G'day Peter

    Sorry to impose on you again, but a further question:
    Is it possible to get text to wrap around a slideshow in the same way as you can a static image?

  54. Reply: wrap around a slideshowAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 11 Apr 2011

    I am sure you can do this.
    Just need to place {Showtime show=3} between

  55. Reply: wrap around a slideshowAuthor Name: Wayne StarickCreated: 11 Apr 2011

    G'day Peter

    Thanks for that - I can see I am going to have to get serious abut CSS XHTML etc!

    I couldn't get align: left to work, but was able to get 'float' to work. I also used margin to get some nice white space around the slideshow, while keeping the image top and left.

    The code I inserted (when switching to the HTML version of my page) was
    <div style="float: left; margin: 0 10px 10px 0;">{Showtime show='3'}</div>
    and it works a treat!

    Again, thanks for your help!


  56. iPad--JQuery Version Doesn't Seem to WorkAuthor Name: Patrick EidemillerCreated: 16 Apr 2011

    I was really jazzed when I saw Showtime for CMSMS as I've been looking for a player that worked well with the iPad and it had a jQuery implentation.

    I went to the demo jQuery Page on this site on my iPad and no joy, it didn't work at all. :-(

    Will this offer iPad support at some time?

  57. Good... very good!Author Name: SbrangCreated: 30 Apr 2011

    very simple and fantastic mod...

  58. R.O.C.K.S.!Author Name: ArtVoodoCreated: 24 May 2011

    When Google led me to this page, I felt so grateful.

    It works & rocks, beyond my expectations!!

    Thank you very much!

  59. 500 ErrorAuthor Name: MsLibertyCreated: 24 May 2011

    This is a great module and will work well for my client's site so they can update their slideshows themselves instead of having me do it for them. The only trouble I'm having is that it seems I can only add new images from the image manager; I can't browse them directly into the show from my desktop b/c I get a 500 error. Of course, as it's a 500 error, that doesn't help me much in pinpointing the problem! I am wondering if this is a problem with the permissions on my server (all folders for Showtime are 755 and all the php files are 644), or if it's a bug that needs to be addressed.

    Not a huge deal since they can still use it but I would like them to have as many options for adding/changing slides to the show as possible.


  60. Great ModuleAuthor Name: john webberCreated: 5 Jun 2011

    This is a great module. Support for thumbnails would be amazing. Maybe I can help.

  61. Awesome Module, Is there a way to allow download link for images in slideshow?Author Name: EricCreated: 7 Jun 2011

    This module is exactly what we needed. I am hoping there is a way to add a download link for the individual photos in the slide show as they appear, like picasa does? I have the swf set to open an image into a new tab, but some people will not know to right click on the photo. Any suggestions would be great!

  62. how to set the img alt attribute?Author Name: MarkCreated: 24 Jun 2011

    Hi Guys, does anyone know how to setup the image alt attribute on the slideshow?
    When you add titles to pictures it will apply to the title tag but not the alt....
    Thanks for the help

  63. Showtime for Google SitesAuthor Name: Ian HendersonCreated: 28 Jun 2011

    Hi Peter

    Could you let me know if I can use a Showtime module to create a carousel of slides for Google sites?

    Many thanks Ian

  64. changing time and speed for the commentsAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 28 Jun 2011

    Hi Peter,

    is there a way to change the speed and time for the comments block (title and discription)
    now this is going way to fast.

    Thnk oyu very much


  65. Window mode and URLAuthor Name: ReinhardCreated: 29 Jun 2011

    thanks for this nice module!
    Two things I don't understad:
    1) In the file list I can add a URL to the photographs. But nothing happens when I click on a photograph while the show runs? Did I misunderstand something?
    2) What is the effect of that "Window mode"? I can set it to whatever setting – nothing chnages.I read the modulehelp but I cannot see the point? And I could not find an example that show the different settings.

    Thanks again for the module and for helping


  66. Author Name: KlendoCreated: 12 Jul 2011

    Great module, just what I was looking for!!!

  67. Author Name: Joe CannesCreated: 14 Jul 2011

    Great module&#33;

    Question, is there a way to edit the CSS?

  68. bug with Google ChromeAuthor Name: GajiroCreated: 15 Jul 2011

    Thanks for the module, I have to try this new version. With previous version I have a Google Chrome bug : the text appears on the left side of the diaporama. In other browsers it's on the right side.

  69. Edit CSSAuthor Name: GajiroCreated: 19 Jul 2011

    TO JOE CANNES : yes, you can edit the in that folder :

  70. URL Not workingAuthor Name: NicholasCreated: 25 Jul 2011

    Firstly love the module great work.
    I been having problems with the url not working at all i have tryed jquire and swf and nothing works it did work then it suddenly stop what can i do i did upgrade to the latste verson please help thanks

  71. Really cool!Author Name: Honza MartinecCreated: 26 Jul 2011

    Great work!! Really enjoying it!

  72. What browsers are supported? Author Name: Jan FCreated: 4 Aug 2011


    What browser (technologies) are required / supported? I get Showtime working fine with IE9 / 32 but not with IE9 / 64


  73. Comment posting errorAuthor Name: Jan FCreated: 4 Aug 2011

    When posting my previous comment I got the following error message:

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class cgfb_comment could not be converted to string in /home/pedros/public_html/tmp/templates_c/CGFeedback^%%F1^F14^F141CB5F%%module_db_tpl%3ACGFeedback%3Bnotification_template.php on line 63

  74. IE9 / 64 / FlashAuthor Name: Jan FCreated: 4 Aug 2011

    I installed Flash 11 beta / 64-bit and now the Showtime module works fine also with IE9 / 64....

  75. HTML content as slideAuthor Name: RichCreated: 20 Sep 2011

    Is it possible to use html content as one of the slides?

  76. News SliderAuthor Name: gianlucasaviniCreated: 20 Sep 2011

    regarding the News scroller part?
    How can I use Showtime as a News Slider?
    In the Forge There is nothing that can be used this way...

  77. Great ModulAuthor Name: AL-d82Created: 24 Sep 2011

    Great work!! Really enjoying it!

  78. Synchronizing title fade-in with slideAuthor Name: SherriCreated: 27 Sep 2011

    I have tried unsuccessfully to get the title to fade in at the same time as the slides in a J-Query slideshow. How can I do this?

  79. Great module & suggestionAuthor Name: SaverioCreated: 1 Oct 2011

    Your module is very very very neat...
    Imho lacks the option to choose the picture scaling when the picture is displayed fullscreen

  80. Pause buttonAuthor Name: RaquelCreated: 3 Oct 2011

    As has been said before.. this is a great mod, thanks!!
    It does almost everything I could wish for....
    except for a pause button in jquery mode!
    would it be possible to add this or to show me how? (sorry I know this is a bit cheeky..)

    thanks for any help!!

  81. issue with cmsms 1.10-beta3?Author Name: marc gobesCreated: 9 Oct 2011

    Very promising module&#33; Installed the module on a (test) site running cmsms 1.10beta3.
    some items are now working as expected.
    The TinyMCE plugin isn't visible. Running TinyeMCE 2.9.4.
    Slide title and slide comments do not show up, only the filename of the picture.
    Cannot switch to jquery, but installing jquery is not yet possible on my cms. (bug in the beta). jquerytools are installed however, but these do not make proper output.
    see output on http://www.educa-sub.nl/cms

    any remarks welcome

    with regards


  82. Reply "issue with cmsms 1.10-beta3?"Author Name: PeterCreated: 20 Oct 2011

    Hi marc gobes,
    at the moment I am very busy working on updates.
    I'll keep you informed.

    Kind regards

  83. Please update!!!Author Name: SlavkoCreated: 22 Oct 2011

    Hi Peter,

    I know you don't need to be reminded, but I just can't help myself: please update this module for CMS MS 1.10 as soon as possible, because many CMS MS users depend on it. I know it's a tough job and I would help you if I could - but all I can do is yag-yag and be boring. :)

    BTW, great module, thanks!

  84. Reply: Please update!!!Author Name: PeterCreated: 22 Oct 2011

    Hi Slavko,
    can you test this version?
    Showtime ver 2.0.5
    This version should fix your problem.
    Let me know if there are any buggs.

  85. No compatible 1.10Author Name: RamsCreated: 23 Oct 2011

    Fatal error: Cannot access protected property Content::&#036;mHierarchyPath in /public_html/dev-beta/modules/Showtime/Showtime.module.php on line 373

  86. Pause button :)Author Name: ErhaoenCreated: 24 Oct 2011

    Showtime ftw! But I also miss pause button or 'stop on hover' option for jquery slideshow. I hope you'll add this option one day :) Thanks for great module.

  87. Fatal errorAuthor Name: RamsCreated: 28 Oct 2011

    Cmsms 1.10 and Showtime 2.0.5:


    Fatal error: Cannot access protected property Content::$mHierarchyPath in /public_html/dev-beta/modules/Showtime/Showtime.module.php on line 373

  88. Great job ! What about CSS editionAuthor Name: JérômeCreated: 28 Oct 2011

    Hi. Thanks for this great module.

    I avoid flash as the plague, but the module works nicely without it anyway.

    I've been struggling to center the pictures in my page. (Adding a div text-align:center in the page editor around the call to the module did not help.) Not sure I did it the right way, I'm a total css noob. Anyway, I post this here so as to help anyone facing the same issue.

    At last, I realized I needed the margin:auto css directive in div#slideshow_1.

    I modified templates/css/Show_1.css manually to do so.

    Perhaps an embedded editor such as gallery's would be nice to customize the css. (And what about update merges ?)

    Was there was another way ? (this is likely since centering images has to be a pretty common need).

  89. New Version Showtime Slideshow Module 2.0.5Author Name: PeterCreated: 28 Oct 2011

    Showtime is now ready for CMS Made Simple version 1.10.
    Download here

    comments and regards are always welcome :-)


  90. About centeringAuthor Name: JérômeCreated: 28 Oct 2011

    Hi again.

    As an auto-reply to my last comment and after discussion with the author :

    I might have been unclear, but the problem is solved as much as I'm concerned.

    I modified the css to add the margin line :


    div#slideshow_1 {
    width:800px; height: 600px; /*padding: 15px 0 0 12px;*/
    position: relative; z-index: 5;


    My pictures are now centered.

    Thanks again for the work.

  91. Fatal error 2.0.5Author Name: RammsCreated: 28 Oct 2011

    install cmsms 1.10 + showtime 2.0.5:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function HierarchyPath() on a non-object in /public_html/dev-beta/modules/Showtime/Showtime.module.php on line 373

  92. Fatal errorAuthor Name: DanielleCreated: 1 Nov 2011

    I have CMS 1.5.4 installed, and get this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function cmsms() in /public_html/cms/modules/Showtime/Showtime.module.php on line 365

    when i add pictures to any slideshow?

  93. Reply Fatal errorAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 1 Nov 2011

    Hi Danielle,
    this showtime Slideshow version 2.0.5 'll not work on older versions.
    Or you need to upgrade your CMS (strongly recommended).
    Or downgrade your Showtime version to 2.0.4

  94. Unsubscribe from this blog is now possibleAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 2 Nov 2011

    CGfeedback is nice, but not compleet.
    So I dit some tweeking in the code for this extra "unsubscribe" button.
    No more spam problems :-)

  95. Flash componentAuthor Name: ThierryCreated: 15 Nov 2011

    Hi Peter

    Is there a way to set an option as to tell the browser that the flash player is not installed, if showtime is on a page and no flash player is present all images kind of show on the page which isn't a nice view?

    Thanks for the great job, like this module a lot!

  96. Problem bug ie7 ie8 transparancy white backgroundAuthor Name: Karaoke FamilyCreated: 17 Nov 2011

    Hello all!!!

    I bumped in to a bug in IE 7 and 8

    Ive got showtime 2.0.4 and i use transparancy in my pictures with png 24bit. (upgrading momentarly not an option)

    The bug in ie 7 and 8 is that there is a white background behind my pictures????
    Ive search the internet without result. ive read somthing about changing jquery.cycle.all.min but didnt work.

    www.karaokefamily.com in the header any idear?
    I know for sure im not the only one.

    greetings nice plugin

  97. Reply: Problem bug ie7 ie8 transparancy white backgroundAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 18 Nov 2011

    I am using IE 9 and there it works perfectly.
    You probably can solve this problem by using jpg, ok you don't have transparency but you don't need transparency if you use the same background in every picture.
    And change the transition to fade, it 'll work perfectly.

    It 'll be this or upgrading your IE 8 to IE 9.

  98. True solving! But......Author Name: Karaoke FamilyCreated: 18 Nov 2011

    true! (thats the easy way out hahaha!
    Only the companies where i rely on dont have the ability to upgrade.
    And your right about JPG only hoped to get it so smooth as it looked now Chrome and Firfox.

    Do u have a better sollution so i can use trancparancy? A walk around posibility?


    I found this in ie8
    z-index: 1; position: absolute; background-color: #fff; display: none; top: 0px; left: 0px;
    If ill delete the background the transparancy will be black hahaha. darn... olmost had the sollution.

    This is the walk arround that i found. But didnt get it to work.
    I put it in the modules/Showtime/templates/jquery/jquery.cycle.all.min.js

    The jQuery Cycle plugin is so helpful on showing animated slide show in your webpage. Check it out at the following website to find more details.
    jQuery Cycle Plugin

    But thanks Microsoft, it’s greatest product, Internet Explorer 7 and 8 has a bug when showing transparent png in the slide show. That is a white background would be added to the cycle element which block the background image. Add the following options when calling the cycle function.

    fx: 'fade',
    cleartype: true,
    cleartypeNoBg: true


    I asumed to put it in the jquery.cycle.all.min.js

    we putted it as last line? Than it didnt work boehoeeeeee :D


  99. comment bar with linkAuthor Name: DieterCreated: 19 Nov 2011

    Hello Peter,

    First of all, really like your module, thumbs up!
    I have a question. Is it possible to make the comments as a 'read more' link?
    So that you have the comment below the pic and that you can click on the comment itself or a seperate 'read more' link.

    Do you undersand what i mean and is it possible?


  100. Reply: Comment bar with LinkAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 19 Nov 2011

    Hi Dieter,
    look at this demo : demo

    The images have a simple white border at the bottom.

  101. Reply: Comment bar with LinkAuthor Name: DieterCreated: 19 Nov 2011

    Hi Peter, I understand but its not exactly what i mean. What i mean is: to make the comment as a link. If i want to make a link from a image to a article you can only click on the image itself. And what i want is to make the comment as a link so that you can click on the comment to go to a article.
    Do you understand?

    OT:Uitleggen in Nederlands gaat toch makkelijker ;)

  102. left or right aligned text in wrong place in jqueryAuthor Name: StevenCreated: 19 Nov 2011

    Hi, Fantastic module. Thank you.
    when using it in jquery mode and you set the position of the text to be either the left or right side of the photo, the text always appears on the top left corner and the transparent background colour is all over the whole photo. I am using the latest versions of both cmsms and showtime.

  103. Reply: Comment bar with LinkAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 20 Nov 2011

    Hi Dieter,
    you can solf this by writing html in your comment. Something like this:
    <a href="yourliing">your comment </a>

    Or you can open showtime_jq.tpl and edit line 55

    Replace with this :
    {if $entry->picture_url == ""}{$entry->picture_name}
    {else}<a href="{$entry->picture_url}" target="{$show.st_target}">{$entry->picture_name}</a>{/if}

    Hope this works for you.

  104. Could not load xmlAuthor Name: JoseCreated: 24 Nov 2011

    Hello Peter,

    Great module! I've used it before.

    But this seems a common problem that the xml doesn't load and it looks it's a server configuration problem. Can you please maybe take a look and tell me what can be wrong or how can I check for the errors.

    I just put this page as a trial so that you can see


    In this other page, showtime works perfectly


    Thanks for your help in advance,


  105. Reply: Could not load xmlAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 24 Nov 2011

    Hello Jose,

    Seems this page "http://elgatodesign.com/modules/Showtime/showtime/getxml.php?showid=1" could not be found, error = "404 Not Found".
    Make sure your webserver allow to execute this page file.
    Try setting your folder /modules/Showtime/showtime to 755 (or 775)

    Note 1: 777 has potential security risks and may allow hackers to upload files to these directories to run phishing sites etc. If security of your web site is important, set these folders to CHMOD 775 or tighter.)
    Note 2 : some hosting contexts may need the modules directory be chmoded 755 (or 775) instead of 777 in order to make modules (like the WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor) work.

    If that does not help, please contact your service provider.

  106. Could not load XMLAuthor Name: Mr. BacanCreated: 24 Nov 2011

    I always have the same problem as Jose, I've installed this module several times and sometimes it works and some it doesn't, and I have no idea why is this, being the servers in some cases the same. I do know it must be a server configuration issue, but what the issue is?


  107. still not workingAuthor Name: JoseCreated: 24 Nov 2011


    I changed the permissions on the folder. Still doesn't work.

    Someone commented that the problem was on the .htaccess file

    any other ideas??

  108. Same here...Author Name: Mr. BacanCreated: 24 Nov 2011

    Hi Peter, I also tried your suggestion and nothing. When I try to access the ".../modules/Showtime/showtime/getxml.php?showid=1" I get this error "[an error occurred while processing this directive]"


  109. Reply: Could not load XMLAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 24 Nov 2011

    Seems you also need to set permissions for each file.
    This is what I found on some Forum:

    I contacted my web-host and they showed me what went wrong. My folder permissions were somehow set to 700, this gives me that error, i uploaded a folder-permissions-fix that set all my folders to 755 and files to 644 and it worked!

  110. Why does this link to Wordpress?Author Name: LynCreated: 28 Nov 2011

    I have used this lovely module on several sites. I accidentally right-clicked on a Showtime I had installed in one of my sites.It showed: About Showtime 1.6 ... which led to http://www.youtag.lu/showtime-wp-plugin/

    I don't particularly want this showing if a client clicks on the images as the site is CMSMS anyway, not Wordpress.

    Is there any way to stop this appearing, Peter?

  111. Reply: Why does this link to Wordpress?Author Name: PeterCreated: 28 Nov 2011

    when you right mouse click on this flash module, you will end up with a new menu, which will show info from the SWFobject like for example: "about ShowTime 1.6".
    This 'll link you to the maker of the SWFobject itself.
    As stated in the module: "Module based on Wordpress plugin from: Paul Schroeder URI: http://youtag.lu/showtime-wp-plugin/"

    If you don't want this to happen, you can use the jQuery options instead.

  112. xmlAuthor Name: JoseCreated: 29 Nov 2011

    Finally worked! the permissions in the html_public folder were changed and now is fine!

    Thanks Pete

  113. Showtime conflict with cggooglemapAuthor Name: WatermanCreated: 4 Dec 2011

    In The CMSMs forum i started this topic. http://forum.cmsmadesimple.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t;=58295

    Can you have à look at it?

    With Regards


  114. Comments Panel WidthAuthor Name: govicinityCreated: 14 Dec 2011

    Hi there, nice module, is there any way of changing the comments panel width in this module?

  115. Permanent controlsAuthor Name: MarioCreated: 15 Dec 2011


    Really great module, thanks!

    I need to show the controls permanent, didn't find the source, where you set it display:none; Is it possible to change that? Many cosutmers want permanent controls left and right next the slideshow.


  116. Comment Panel WidthAuthor Name: govicinityCreated: 15 Dec 2011

    @ Mario

    Thanks for the PM on how to do this, altered the CSS, was pretty easy to do, so thanks for the heads up.

    Only one problem, every time you alter the module in the CMSMS admin panel it resets your CSS file to the defaults so you end up having to go back in every time to change the CSS file again!

    Is there any way we can add as an option within the CMSMS control panel a comments box width in pixels box, it would make this module so much better and more flexible.

    Also, the transparency on the comments panel doesn't seem to be working in IE, any ideas? I have tried adding alpha filter for IE, but still no joy.

  117. Round corners in IEAuthor Name: Dave WatsonCreated: 31 Dec 2011

    I like this module and it was easy to use.
    It is in the draft for my new website.
    The only problem I have is with IE.
    I have the jquery option selected as I do not want flash.
    The nav buttons have rounded corners in Fire fox but not in I.E9
    I am assumed this is because moz -border-radius is used in the CSS.
    I added border-radius to the Show_1.css and this solved it.
    .slide_nav_1 a {
    -moz-border-radius: 5px 5px 5px 5px;
    border-radius: 5px 5px 5px 5px;
    background:none repeat scroll 0 0 #cccccc;
    border:0px solid #CCCCCC;
    padding:5px 8px;

  118. Reply: Round corners in IEAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 31 Dec 2011

    Hi Dave,

    thanks for sharing this solution.
    I will use this also in my next update.

    Kind regards

  119. MWKRkqkzVbAuthor Name: DernellCreated: 31 Dec 2011

    Impersisve brain power at work! Great answer!

  120. MRuyIlORBoGEAuthor Name: BobcatCreated: 31 Dec 2011

    This artilce went ahead and made my day.

  121. Thank you, Thank you!Author Name: BenCreated: 7 Jan 2012

    Thanks for making such a great jQuery slider option for CMSMS - I was starting to think about switching to WordPress just for the sake of some of theirs. Please forgive me if I'm overlooking something obvious, but is there a way to control opacity for the title/comment background?

  122. Reply: Thank you, Thank you!Author Name: PeterCreated: 9 Jan 2012

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for you nice comment.
    In this version, no there is no setting for this option.
    But I am working on a upgrade for Showtime.

    And you can always edit the CSS yourself, but it needs to be altered in this file : "Showtime.module.php" and in this function : CreateCSSstring()

    Kind regards,

  123. Re: Reply: Thank you, Thank you!Author Name: BenCreated: 9 Jan 2012

    Excellent, thanks!


  124. It's finally workingAuthor Name: Mr. BacanCreated: 13 Jan 2012

    I knew that my problem was the permissions, but changing the folders and files permissions didn't worked at all. Since I'm not an expert I asked my service provider to run a Permission Fixer on my server and that did the trick.

    In the beginning I was trying to change permissions via FTP and although it changed, it kept giving me an error. I don't know what is exactly, but in my case it has to be done via a Permission Fixer.

    Hope it helps someone else.

  125. New Transition TypesAuthor Name: Mr. BacanCreated: 13 Jan 2012

    Hi Peter,

    Is there any chance that new versions of Showtime could include transitions and buttons like those on Nivo Slider? http://nivo.dev7studios.com/

  126. Hi Mr. BacanAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 17 Jan 2012

    I am working on a new version 3.0 at the moment and this will be ready and presented on the CMS Made Simple GeekMoot.
    This version will have some very nice features and also "Nivo Slider" option.

    Kind regrads,

  127. Comment box widthAuthor Name: JorgeCreated: 25 Jan 2012

    Hi Peter, thanks for this incredible plugin. One question. How we can adjust the comment box size? When I use the lateral options, the comment go over the entire image. Thanks.

  128. Reply: Comment box widthAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 26 Jan 2012

    Hi Jorge,
    for now you can edit the css in : "Showtime.module.php" and in this function : CreateCSSstring().
    I am currently working on 3.0 version, there you 'll be able to edit the css in the admin.

  129. Nice WorkAuthor Name: ArntCreated: 31 Jan 2012

    Great plugin, very good explained. I am new in Cmsms, and I am glad for the nice instruction.
    Really enjoy the zooming. which give the show the exstra. Keep up the good work, looking forward to the new version.

  130. You Rock!!!Author Name: VladCreated: 2 Feb 2012

    If all Module developpers for CMSMS would bulid and explain theyr Modules like you, CMSMS would be the CMS number 1 !!!
    great work

  131. Looks great! Two suggestions...Author Name: jonCreated: 21 Feb 2012

    1 - Possibility to stop/pause a playing show (mouse on slide, pause button, ...)

    2 - Delete "on/off" text behind checkboxes in the backend, I find it rather confusing and it's never used in other places in CMSMS as "Global Settings"


  132. Reply: JonAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 21 Feb 2012

    Thanks for suggestions, i'll use it for my new release Showtime 3.0

  133. So AwesomeAuthor Name: Nancy MorganCreated: 23 Feb 2012

    This module is sooooooooo great! I wish all of CMSMS modules were presented like this on the admin. Just awesome.

  134. So great! + feature requestAuthor Name: FranckCreated: 28 Feb 2012

    Hi Peter,

    this module is just awesome! Using it a lot. Looking forward to seeing the new version 3.0 :-)

    BTW I'd like to know if it's possible on the Jquery version to have the kind of display seen here (yes its flash, I'm sorry): http://www.ethic-etapes.fr/

    Feature requests:
    - external navigation arrows appearing permanently and possibility to style on hover
    - seeing part of the previous / next image on the left & right, with a soft transition maybe

    i know it's not trivial and a bit far from the original features, but who doesn't try gets nothing, hey!

    Thanx a lot for this module!

  135. Reply: So great! + feature requestAuthor Name: PeterCreated: 29 Feb 2012

    Hi Franck,
    there are so many variants on slideshows, flash or jQuery, Showtime is just a part of all those possibility's. It would be impossible to include them all in Showtime one interface. But showtime 3.0 will be a small improvement, it implements a new feature: "nivoslider".

  136. Great job!Author Name: maidblokeCreated: 2 Mar 2012

    What a *great* module, easy to use and quick to set up. And so helpful to have some useful documentation too!

    Thank you

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